CEA-MAG 2008 Conference

College English Association – Middle Atlantic Group
Spring Conference
Saturday, March 8, 2008
Montgomery College
Rockville, Maryland

Migrations in Space and Time
Migrations of the Mind
Literary Crosscurrents
The Journey to Literacy

Registration: 9-9:30 a.m.
Location – Lobby Theater Arts Arena

Session I: 9:30-10:50 a.m.

A. Panel: Migratory Experiences in the Literature and Folk Songs of Africa and the Diaspora
Panel Chair: LaTanya Reese, University of the District of Columbia

“Women’s Identities and the Immigrant Experience in Marshall’s Brown Girl Brownstones
Lena Ampadu, Towson University

“Ritual Migration in Wole Soyinka’s Death and King’s Horseman: The Case of Olunde”
Dipo Kaleiaiye, Prince George’s Community College

“Folk Messages from the African Migratory Experience: Political and Literary Influences”
Richard Isom, Towson University

B. Migrations in Space and Time
Panel Chair: Joe Anderson, Montgomery College – Rockville

“Ancestral Frames, Perpetual Migration, and Erotic Power in Dionne Brand’s At the Change and Full of the Moon
Cherie Ann Turpin, University of the District of Columbia

“Imagining the Inter-Nation: Circulation, Technology, and the Hypertextual Promise of Andrea Levy’s Small Island”
Schuyler K. Esprit, University of Maryland, College Park

“When the Personal is Foreign: Romanticized New Homeland”
Maria Kranidis, Suffolk County Community College

“The Environment and Characters’ Behavior in Buchi Emecheta’s The Rape of Shavi
Sheba N. Pace, Morgan State University

C. Environmental Migrations
Panel Chair: Will Pittman, Montgomery College – Rockville

“Migrating Stances: Rhetorical Implications of Shifts (or Lack Thereof) in Environmental Policy”
Charlie Ewers, Frostburg State University

“‘The Most Beautiful Place on Earth’: The Aesthetic Case for Conservation in Muir’s My First Summer in the Sierra and Abbey’s Desert Solitaire
Laura Garrison, Catholic University of America

“Kate Sessions and the California Landscape: Ecologist or Developer?”
Mary Stevenson, Prince George’s Community College

D. The Journey to Literacy
Panel Chair: Carol Malmi, Montgomery College – Rockville

“Processing Perplexing Personal Pronouns”
Milford A. Jeremiah, Morgan State University

“Upward Mobility in Writing Portfolios for Minority Students through Delpit’s Lens”
Monique Yvette Leslie, Morgan State University

“From Street Cred to Academic Credit: Selling Written English to Urban Developmental Writers”
Matthew Petti, University of the District of Columbia

Plenary Session: 11:00-12:00
Keynote Address: Marita Golden
“The Tao of Reading and Writing”

Lunch: 12:00-1:20 p.m.
Theatre Arts Arena

Session II: 1:30-2:50 p.m.

A. Narrating Migrations of the Mind
Panel Chair: Effie Siegel, Montgomery College – Rockville

“Rhetorical Narrative”
Pamela Ward, Catholic University of America

“Thematized Narration and The Virgin Suicides
Kevin Rulo, Catholic University of America

“Diegesis of the Deep Image”
Brooks Lampe, Catholic University of America

“Rhetoric of Belief in Life of Pi
Mike Manglitz, Catholic University of America

B. Defining Identities in the American Landscape
Panel Chair: Swift Stiles Dickison, Montgomery College – Rockville

“Pop Culture Conventions and Student Travel Narratives”
Christopher Nank, University of Maryland – University College

“‘Standin’ at the Crossroads . . . Ramblin’ on my Mind’: Aporia and Movement in the American Landscape”
David Kaloustian, Bowie State University

“Survivor-Authors: Defining a Literary Identity of Holocaust Memoirists in America”
Edward Anderson, Montgomery College

“Beyond the Road: Kerouac and the Travel Narrative”
Jody Spedaliere, California University of Pennsylvania

C. Interdisciplinary Migrations
Panel Chair: Abby Spero, Montgomery College – Germantown

“Service Outreach: Brochure Projects in the Writing Classroom”
Sydney Duncan, Frostburg State University

“WAC, CAC & WID: Writing Across the Curriculum for College Composition Teachers”
Maureen Green, Towson University

“Hybrid Social Science Model in Freshman Composition”
Jeffrey Snodgrass, Prince George’s Community College

“Tradition and Convention: Form and Character in Poe, Doyle, and the Early Hard-Boiled Detective Novel”
Lewis D. Moore, University of the District of Columbia

D. The Migrating Classroom
Panel Chair: Elizabeth Benton, Montgomery College – Rockville

“The Anatomy of an In-House Faculty Certification Program for Online Teaching”
Dorothy Phaire, University of the District of Columbia

“Peering in on Online Peer Reviews”
Helen Krauthamer, University of the District of Columbia

“Engaging Students in the Online Classroom”
Beth Baldwin, Prince George’s Community College

BREAK and Awards Presentation: 3:00-3:20
Theater Arts Arena

Session III: 3:30-4:50 pm

A. Migrating Toward Truth: Metaphor and Creative Nonfiction
Panel Chair: Syndney Duncan, Frostburg State University

“Pedaling Toward Freedom”
Barbara Bass, Towson University

“At the Twins Museum”
K. Edgington, Towson University

“Black Spots”
Katie Hearn, Towson University

B. Literary Crosscurrents
Panel Chair: Mary Anne Lutz, Frostburg State University

“‘Oh the Places You Can Go’: Gender Performances in Oscar Wilde’s Children’s Tales”
Wynn Yarbrough, University of the District of Columbia

“Traveling Poetics: Cross-Cultural Aesthetics in the Landscapes of Derek Walcott’s The Prodigal
Swift Stiles Dickison, Montgomery College

“Literary Migrations: Creeley and Blackburn”
Peter Baker, Towson University

“Lyricism and Skepticism: A British Poet Compares British and American Transitional Poetry”
Ted Hendricks, Villa Julie Collge

C. Migrating Borders
Panel Chair: Linda DiDesidero, UMUC

“The Neglected Side of the Equation: The Role of the ESL, Non-Native Tutor”
Nabila Hijazi, University of Maryland, College Park

“More on Mill and Articles”
Bruce Friedlander, Towson University

Migrating Borders: Teaching Writing and Literature in English in a Multi-Lingual Era”
Laura Valdez-Pagliaro, Marymount University

“The Middle Passage and the Mayflower: De-Gendering and De-Coloring Race and Education in America”
Sam Doku, Howard University

D. Mobilizing Nationhood
Panel Chair: Gerald Snelson, Frostburg State University

“In-Between Days: Detection and Knowledge Production in Haruki Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Japanese Fantastic”
Alexander Howe, University of the District of Columbia

“That is Not my Real Name: Migration in American Identity Formation”
William Pittman, Montgomery College

“Exploring the Consciousness of Imperialist Migration and Anti-Arab Sentiment in Camus’ The Stranger
Grace Sikorski, Anne Arundel Community College

“Migrating Realism: The Narratology of Madame Bovary”
Monica F. Jacobe, Catholic University of America

Officers of CEA-MAG
President: Mike Eckert
Vice President: Position Open
Treasurer: Helen Krauthamer
Corresponding Secretary: Pamela Ward
Recording Secretary: Linda DiDesidero
CEA-MAGazine Editor: Virginia Carruthers
Liaison to National: Mike Eckert

Executive Council
Lena Ampadu
Virginia Carruthers
Linda DiDesidero
Lauren DiPaula
Mike Eckert
Charlie Ewers
Alexander Howe
Milford Jeremiah
David Kaloustian
Leela Kapai
Helene Krauthamer
Joseph Marshall
L. Adam Meckler
Julia Romano
Pamela Ward

Program Committee
Charlie Ewers, Chair
Linda DiDesidero
Helene Krauthamer
Alex Howe

Site Chair
Mike Eckert

The College English Association – Middle Atlantic Group thanks the Department of English and the Humanities Area at Montgomery College for hosting this conference.

CEA-MAG also thanks Jerry Higgins and Jacqui Carper of Pearson Publishing/Allyn/Bacon/Longman for their generous support.

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